Unreal Game Jam 2017
Posted on 06/07/2017 at 6:00pm by Jack

The static shell team has been working on something new these last few days. Every so often Unreal organises game jams where teams are invited to create a game on a given theme over the course of a few days.

About a week ago the Unreal Summer jam begun and it’s theme “blessing in disguise” was announced to the world and the six days of development were initiated.

Given that the team is also busy on their primary project “Unjust” they decided not to work on the jam during work hours except for on the final day of the jam in order to assure the completion of the game. After some discussion with the Ethereal team it was decided to collaborate on this project and so Sam Brimlow and Joshua Payne joined in for the fun.

The final product of the jam is “Salt Lubbers”, in this game players take on the pirate life and compete with each other to collect gold before the enemy teams. As always there are some interesting mechanics in this game too, in order to navigate the ships, fire the cannons and to perform more pirate activities the players must first find the appropriate disguise to allow them to do so (ie. Captain costume to steer the ship).

The game allows players to join one of four teams and compete with other buccaneers to travel to islands and dig up some gold. The first team to gather and store 1000 gold pieces at their base wins.

Given that this is a game jam game there are some small issues here and there but we believe it is still very enjoyable. One thing to note though is that once a team has won everyone needs to disconnect for about 30 seconds in order to allow the server to restart. (Hopefully will get a fix for this soon!)


There will likely be a closed beta at some point in the future. Look out for it!

Enjoy the plunder ;)