Tranzfuser TALK 2017
Posted on 23/06/2017 at 11:00am by Jack

Public Announcement

We are happy to announce that Static Shell Studios has successfully entered this year’s Tranzfuser competition. Tranzfuser is a competition designed to help kickstart up and coming games companies and is funded by the UK games fund. This years competition includes 23 teams from all over the UK. The competition consists of a 10 week development period followed by demonstrating our game at EGX. The name of our project is Unjust and it is a fast paced multiplayer experience where four players must cooperate to survive dangerous environments controlled by another player.

On Wednesday the 21st of June 2017 the first Tranzfuser event took place at the Blue tower in MediaCityUK in Manchester. At this event, the teams were asked to prepare a 3 minute stand up presentation that would be followed by 2 minutes of Q&A. The day was kicked off with a few keynote talks from Deborah Farley (one of the Tranzfuser organisers), Paul Durant (UKGTF), Eddie Beardsmore (Coatsink) and Tom Hughes (creative director at “Cold Sun Studios”, one of last years winning teams). For the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon the teams gave their pitches 4 times each to 4 groups of 3 reviewers. Finally the day’s events were closed with a few more keynote talks from Deborah, Paul and Colin Macdonald (Channel 4 games publishing representative).

Static Shell Studios was represented at this event by Jack Penny, the team programmer and Philippe Valensa one of the team’s 3D artists. In their pitch they spoke of the game’s current state, their plans for the competition period and what would come after. They also spoke of the team’s dynamic and work methodologies as well as how they are planning on improving upon these areas during the competitions 10 week period. Overall the team’s representatives felt happy with how their first Tranzfuser event went and came out of it with a renewed and reinforced sense of motivation to get started on the project.

On the way back the team was joined by the members of the Ethereal team for a well deserved celebratory “Five Guys”, Yummm! Static Shell Studios is ready and excited to officially start the competition’s 10 week development period on Monday the 26th of June and show Tranzfuser what we have to give.