Level Up 2017
Posted on 22/05/2017 at 4:00pm by Jack

Our first open testing of the year was held last week at the Level Up Expo hosted by Glyndwr University.

This is an event that takes place at the end of each academic year, creating a format for students to showcase their projects to the public, in addition local companies are also invited to do the same and we were lucky enough to be one of them.

For those lucky enough to have had a chance to get their hands on Unjust, be it at Dare 2016 or any of the other small events we have taken part in since the start of the project, this expo will have been a chance to see how much it has evolved since its start, becoming something much more fun and sustainable.

Since Dare to be Digital 2016 we took all the comments and suggestions onboard, ultimately leading the project down a slightly different path while still staying true to it’s original idea/mechanics.

We won't go into full specifics in this post but we will highlight what we brought to Level Up.

What we brought

The game takes place in a futuristic game show of sorts, which is very dark in nature. Think Takeshi's Castle meets Cube... Since we already had the mechanics working, we wanted to now show our vision of how we intend the game to look, this is why we created 'The Factory' level which is made up of several Zones.

For the day we allowed the public to try out the 'Mincer Zone', running one of our new game modes 'Bulldogs'; an A-symmetrical mode where four players need to transport balls across a dangerous map, until a minimum amount is met or the timer runs out. The twist being one player (Blocker) using an Android tablet (Nvidia Shield K1) has control of the boxes which the players must jump across leap frog style. The app user can spin each box once trying to make the Runners slip into the mincer ! They also have control of another mechanic 'The Wrecking Balls' cue Miley Cyrus: Jokes aside, the Blocker has to use a combination of these two mechanics to try and stop the Runners from reaching their target.

How it went

We had a really good time watching the carnage, frustration and satisfaction for both teams involved. The public really seemed to enjoy it and for the most part the game seemed quite balanced even though not all the final features were present in this build!

Watching everyone play and speaking to them afterwards has been a great source of feedback as always and has definitely sparked some new ideas for the project so keep an eye out. The Dev Blog will be kick started very soon so you can keep in the loop about new features, ideas and general sneaky screenshots.

We would like to thank Richard Hebblewhite – Senior Lecturer in Computing & Glyndwr University for having us at Level Up.